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Steampunk 3D Printed Guitar by Odd Guitars

steampunk 3d printed guitar

Have you wondered what all the excitement is about 3D printing? It never seemed to apply to your life. Take a look at this incredible guitar from Odd Guitars and your opinion is about to change. The Steampunk 3D Printed Guitar is not just a graphical masterpiece, it is a fully functioning Steampunk Engine and amazing sounding electric guitar. The guitar was made using a 3D printed body and real moving gears to make it one of the most “odd” guitars you will ever see, unless you look at the rest of the Odd Guitar product line.

The guitar features a Seymour Duncan pickup, Gotoh mini tuning heads, and D’Adarrio strings, which should give you some idea of how fantastic this guitar sounds. Now, can you still say you are not a little intrigued by 3D printing after seeing this sensational tribute to Steampunk and Rock ‘n Roll?

Via Odd Guitars