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Super Penetration Shovel

super penetration shovel

It is gardening time. The ground is packed hard, solid, resistant to effort from the long winter. You need a shovel that can cut through the dirt, not figuratively, but literally. The All-Steel Super Penetration Shovel from Garrett Wade has a pointed tip to break through the earth’s tough crust to get you started, but that is just the start.

Garrett Wade sharpens the entire digging edge to make it cut through tough soil and clay with ease. This sharper edge help you drive the shovel deeper with each push reducing the amount of time it takes in the yard. You can get even more power by adding their rubber foot pad to give you more stomping power with each scoop. As we all know, that edge is going to take a beating. Garrett offers a 10″ flat mill file to go along with the shovel to keep it sharp and ready for a long summer of yard work and gardening.

The shovel is $118, the foot pad an extra $14, and don’t forget to throw in the file for another $17 to make your summer digging a breeze.

Via Garrett Wade