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Surface Tension Arcade Tables

surface tension arcade table

What is the point of the coffee table in your living room or den? It just sits there holding magazines and dust. Surface Tension wants to throw away the old concept of the coffee table and give you something that you want. The Surface Tension Arcade Table is hand-built table using wood veneers in an array of colors, but the middle is what you are going to love. The tinted glass center hides a complete arcade system. With real arcade center style controls mounted on both sides of the table, you are ready for serious game play. Want to take your table to the next level? The upgraded model comes complete with Windows 7, Sonos Connect, and connectors for you to hook up to your big screen TV.

You may need to do a little extra talking to the woman of the house to switch her from classic dust collector to fantastic fun, but which would you rather have? Prices start around $4000.

Via Surface Tension