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The Big Bad Book of Beasts

big bad book of beasts

Is it fantasy or reality? Sometimes reality is even stranger than our wildest dreams. In the Big Bad Book of Beasts author Michael Largo takes us on a journey exploring the myths and truths about some of the strangest and wildest creatures in our society. Largo takes on a journey to explore the biggest bugs, the strangest animals, the fastest birds, and many other strange facts and interesting twists on fact and fiction.

Michael explores how are myths about various beasts were born and how in most cases they trace back to real animals that are still roaming the earth today. After reading through the 464 pages of facts, stories, and looking at over 250 photos and illustrations, you mind will be filled with new thoughts and ideas about our world.

This is the perfect book to toss on your coffee table to fill in the boring moments and to fill you kids minds with facts and fantasy. You may not sit down to read this entire book at one time, but you will find yourself drawn back to it time after time to learn more about the strangest living creatures on our planet.

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