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The Porsche Book – The Real Technical Story

the porsche book

Jurgen Barth and Gustay Busing are not your typical Porsche lovers. They are true addicts. When they decided to record the history of the Porsche, they did not do it half way. The dove in and created The Porsche Book 3-Book Set that has over 1,500 pages of Porsche technical history. Every model, concept, test, racing car, and adventure from Porsche is included in this book. If you want to know the specs of the first Turbo Carerra, it is in the book. If you want to dig back to see pictures and stats on the first Porsche ever built, it is there. This is the ultimate resource for anyone who truly loves the Porsche line of cars.

You can locate a set of these incredible books through Amazon for $179.99.

the porsche book

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