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The Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

stormtrooper motorcycle suit

Do you want to scare residents of your city, convincing them earth is being invaded? Slip into a Storm Trooper motorcycle suit from UD Replicas and zip around your city on your motorbike. Want to make their fear even more intense? Grab the Shadow Trooper Black motorcycle suit, buy a Ducati Diavel Dark, and everyone will be certain a BattleStar is circling the earth. UD Replicas has created a motorcycle suit that is looks fantastic, but is even more functional. The Trooper series of suits are made from toughened leather and body armor to make your riding experience safe, and even prepares you for battle with forces of good or evil, depending on whose side you choose.

The suits for UD Replicas are 100% true in design and fully licensed. Full outfits, without helmets, are available for around $1275, with payment plan options. (Partial outfits available, too.)

Via Toxel and UD Replicas