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Twist Open Wine Cork

twist open wine cork

It has always been a tough decision. You could buy a cheap bottle of wine with a plastic or metal twist open top, or a good bottle of wine with a cork sealing the bottle. What did you do when you forgot the cork screw? Did you dig the cork out with knife, a fork, or a screwdriver? (We admit it, we have.) Amorim Cork and O-I Bottle have collaborated to solve this dilemma. Their innovation is a cork and bottle combination that finally allows wine bottlers to combine the convenience and resealing feature of a screw open cap with the quality of real cork.

The unique design provide a seal as air tight as a traditional cork, but lets you get that wine bottle open without the need to have a corkscrew. This is an innovation that we hope is latched onto by wine bottlers worldwide. We hate drinking wine with cork particles from our feeble attempts to open the bottle with pocketknife.

Via O-I Bottle