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Next Generation Ping Pong Table Concept from Sweden


The Waldner Stiga concept ping pong table foretells a very different game in the future of Ping Pong. The design leverages the power of an Apple Mac Pro 12-Core processor to help monitor every motion and strike of the table. Instantly you would know if the ball ticked the edge of the table or missed. The table records velocity, direction, and even spin. Is this concept actually from renowned table tennis company Stiga or aligned with the Mozart of Table Tennis, Waldner? No, it is a cool design idea created by Robert Lindstrom, stretching the way table tennis is played an monitored. The entire design was created on Robert’s computer, but every component is based on reality.

The Walner Stiga table may never come to production, but imagine the training possibilities for world-class players. They could learn more about their own game and practice correcting flaws they never knew existed before. An amazing design!

above lab royale table tennis








Via Airows and Robert Lindstrom’s Design Chapel