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Werewolf Legend Bell – Unleash The Beast In Your Workout

werewolf legend bell

Hitting the iron in your home gym just got a lot more beastly. Onnit is making it easy for you to build muscles and unleash the beast at home. We may need to back off on that “easy” statement, because the Werewolf Legend Bell weighs a whopping 62 pounds. The Werewolf Legend Bell does not only look great in the gym, it is a serious badass piece of workout equipment. It is perfectly balanced, even though it has the sculpted face of a werewolf glaring at you. It is sealed with a tough scratch and ding resistant finish to keep it looking great, even when your muscles fail and it slams into the ground.

The Werewolf Legend Bell may not turn you into a hairy monster, but it will help you build bigger stronger muscles and become a real beast in the gym. The kettlebell sells for $146.95 from Onnit.

Via Gear Culture and Onnit