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Whiskey Cologne

whiskey cologne for men

Do you want to smell like the life of the party without drinking? Whiskey Cologne from Commodity Goods is a scent designed for men who enjoy a very masculine scent. This cologne has the scent of a fine quality scotch, but lasts for hours. This scent has to bring all kinds of interesting questions to your mind.

Should you wear Whiskey cologne to work to drive the women crazy, or will your employer think you have a little bottle tucked away in your lunch bag? Should you go out to a business dinner smelling like a fine Scotch, or is that sending the wrong signal? (That probably depends on your clientele.)

The Whiskey Cologne does not have a cheap alchohol smell. This is a high-grade scent that reminds you of gentlemen sitting around in a fine club smoking cigars and making deals that will change the world. It is a scent of power and persuasion. When you think about it that way, it might be appropriate for any situation, but just remember, using a Whiskey cologne is not a good cover-up for when you do have that drink with lunch.

Via Commodity Goods