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The Whiskey Wedge Ends Water-Downed Booze

the whiskey wedge

Sipping lukewarm whiskey is tough for many of us. It may have a great flavor, but when whiskey is warm it still sizzles down our throats. Adding ice may solve part of the problem, but then you lose the rich flavor of your favorite whiskey as the water dilutes the flavor. The Whiskey Wedge attempts to remedy this issue by reducing the ice surface touching your whiskey. The wedge of ice in the glass is produced by partially filling the glass with water, dropping in the silicone Whiskey Wedge, and then putting it in the freezer. When you are ready to have a sip of whiskey, just pull out the silicone wedge, pour in your whiskey, and start sipping.

We love the idea of keeping our whiskey chilled and at full-strength, but we enjoy the cool appearance created by the Whiskey Wedge just as much. The Whiskey Wedge sells for $14.95.



Via HiConsumption and Wine Enthusiast