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Wood Case for Your PS4 by Balolo

balolo ps4 cover

The Sony Playstation 4 may be the coolest piece of gear in the television stand, but it might be one of the ugliest, too. This new wood cover for your PS4 will turn your PS4 into the coolest, most elegant item in the stand. You can buy the Balolo PS4 Wood Cover already applied to a PS4 or buy the kit and do it yourself. To make it even cooler, Balolo gives you four choices of wood, bamboo, cherry, zebra, and walnut. You can even choose if you want a different wood for each section. The wood covers are sliced to a tiny .7 mm to make sure heat can continue to escape and the size remains the same.

The kit is priced at $206, while the cover complete with PS4 is priced at $826. When you are already investing hundreds in a PS4, games, and accessories, what is an extra couple hundred to make it cool and unique?



Via Cool Material and Balolo