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Woodgrain Camouflage iPhone Case by MSTRPLN

woodgrain iphone case mstrpln

It is time to make your iPhone ready for long hikes in the wilderness, or for a day out hunting. The woodgrain camouflage iPhone cases from MstrPln have a very fun and different look. They combine the beauty of a woodgrain surface with a camouflage motif to give your phone an interesting look.

At first glance you are going to be fooled into thinking these cases are made from real wood. In reality they are a solid plastic case designed to protect your phone from abuse that has been imprinted with a great combination of a wood grain and camo. The cases come in three different varieties, the British DPM, the Woodland, and the Duck. All three combinations make your phone standout, at least until you are out on the trail, then they blend into the wilderness with ease. Just make sure your don’t drop your phone in a pile of fallen leaves. You would have a hard time spotting your phone.

These woodgrain camouflage cases are priced reasonably at $35 each. At that price you might want all three.

Via Cool Material and MstrPln