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World Landmark and Architectural Sand Molds

world landmark sand molds

Are you ready to play on the beach? Most of us are  not talented like the amazing sand artists we have featured in the past. Our efforts are a little rougher, ordinary, and crumbly.  How would you like to step your game up a notch and reduce the work at the same time? You can start creating great looking sand sculptures by cheating with your own set of World Landmark and Architectural sand molds. Add a Taj Mahal to your display. Toss in a Great Pyramid of a Roman Coliseum. Let’s see those other amateurs pull that stunt off.

This fun way to improve you sand castle building skills, or to entertain your kids, is available through Amazon for $14.95. You crumbling sand castle days are a thing of the past. You are now a real sand architect.

world landmark sand molds

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