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WORX Aerocart Eases Tasks Around Your Home and Yard


The WORX Aerocart boasts it is an 8-in-1 all-purpose mover for your home, but what does that mean? The Aerocart at first glance looks like a slightly odd wheelbarrow, which is one of its major uses. It can haul up to 200 pounds of dirt, sand, or other materials with it only feeling like 17 pounds. With just a quick flip, the Aerocart becomes a dolly to help you move a refrigerator, washer, boxes, or other large items. It comes with an attachment to hold your trash bags when you are out in the yard gathering leaves and grass clippings.

Do you want even more? Extend the arms and carry items like bags of cement or sand. Add a ball hitch and pull your ATV trailer around the driveway. That just starts what the WORK Aerocart can do for you. The Aerocart is priced at $159.80, a very small price to save yourself from backaches and strained muscles.








Via Bless This Stuff and WORX