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ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

zeus thunder

Vaporizers are growing in popularity at an incredible rate, but many people are still reluctant to give them a try. If you have been avoiding trying a vaporizer due to how it looks or smokes, you might be in for a big surprise with the Thunder Vaporizer from ZEUS Arsenal. The Thunder Vaporizer looks fantastic with its sleek black body hiding all the hi-tech vaporizer gear underneath. The Thunder is extremely lightweight at just 54 grams, making it as easy to twirl around in your fingers as a cigarette or cigar. The powerful battery gives you extended smoking time, giving you more smokes than you likely need in a single day.

What is hidden underneath that sleek black cover is where the real magic starts, though. The Thunder Vaporizer comes in two different models, the Z-Oil Pro and the Z-Wax Pro. Both units use stainless steel interior pathways to eliminate problems with rust and to provide the smoothest vaping experience possible. The Z-Oil uses a hard acrylic outer case, making it extremely durable and with a fantastic appearance.

The Z-Wax Pro has an all glass exterior, making it a slightly nicer looking unit. Both the Z-Wax Pro and Z-Oil Pro have tanks that are almost twice as large as the earlier Z-Wax and Z-Oil products. The larger tanks give you a longer vaping experience on a single fill.

Both the Z-Wax Pro and Z-Wax Oil retail for just $37.25 USD, or $39.99 CAD. You can learn more about the two models on the Zeus Arsenal website.

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