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The Bugatti Belt Buckle by Roland Iten Cost $84,000, Justified?


When you look at all of the sophistication, technology, luxury, and class of a Bugatti car, it makes you heart yearn to own one. Do you get that same feeling when you take a look at the latest creation by Roland Iten, the Bugatti Belt Buckle. The belt buckle may be the pinnacle of belt buckles with incredible technology tucked inside to guarantee you get a perfect fit with zero slippage. There are over 100 components tucked inside this intriguing belt buckle, but are each of those components worth $840? As you might have just guessed, this limited edition Bugatti Calibre R22 Belt Buckle sells for $84,000 making it a treasure possession to a few Hip Hop artists ready to keep their pants up, or a few billionaires with billfolds so heavy they need the extra support.

The Bugatti belt buckle was built in cooperation with Bugatti engineers. If you are ready to spring $84,000 for the buckle, you better hurry. Roland Iten is only making 22 of these exclusive buckles.





Via HiConsumption and Roland Iten