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L.G.R. Releases Limited Edition RAW Collection

L.G.R. has finally revealed their limited line of eyewear called RAW. This collection is a combination of a rough, unpolished frame with a polarized lens, developed exclusively for L.G.R. which makes it just way more appealing.

The Raw collection offers you unique lenses that consist of two ultra thin crystal layers which are encompass a polarized film. The lens is UV protective and color enhancing to enable you to see the world in high definition. Another cool feature is that the inner and outer lens are oleo and hydrophobic, therefore if any type of water, oil from sweat, make up, etc. find its way onto the lens, then it will simply slide off or can easily be wiped away with a cloth. Awesome!

The cool thing about the RAW collection is that it is limited to 4 models, with 100 pieces each.

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