Sugar Rush Stripey Peppers – The Striped Baccatum
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Sugar Rush Stripey Peppers – The Striped Baccatum

The Baccatum is a type of plant that is native to the Americas and has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples in the region. It grows in tropical regions and is often found near rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

The sugar rush peach is a fruit that has been around for centuries. It is often used in desserts, and it is also known as the Sugar Rush Stripey Peppers.

There are a lot of interesting and unusual pepper types out there. The Farmer’s Market jalapeño is coated in corking, while the 7 pot bubblegum has a ‘bleeding calyx.’

The Sugar Rush Stripey pepper, on the other hand, may be the most intriguing we’ve seen thus far. We were fortunate enough to get some seeds, which we planted and shared in order to propagate as many plants as possible!

We can now share our views on the striped Sugar Rush pepper now that the peppers have matured. I’ll go through all we know about this pepper, as well as our thoughts on its taste and heat, in this post.

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Sugar Rush Stripey Peppers – The Striped BaccatumStripey sugar rush peppers

Stripey History of the Sugar Rush

Around 2010, the ‘Sugar Rush’ types were first bred in Finland. has an experimental greenhouse, and its inventor was so taken with the sweetness of one of the C. baccatum plants that he called it “Sugar Rush.”

From there, Chris Fowler of Wales received seeds and went on to develop the Sugar Rush Peach and Red kinds. The pepper community is a big fan of these (including the s).

Sugar Rush Peach Pepper PlantPeach peppers with a sugar rush.

Sugar Rush Stripey pepper on plantStripey sugar rush peppers

A farmer in the United States found striped pods on one of his Peach trees in 2015. Seeds were then sent back to the pepper’s original developers to be stabilized.

Seeds are becoming more readily accessible, and the variety’s distinctive striped features seem to be reasonably stable. Only one of the five plants that we cultivated failed to mature with stripes.

Note: has a fantastic paper that tells the history of this pepper, so go there to learn more!

Stripey Sugar Rush Appearance

We mean it when we say this pepper is unique. The ‘Aloha’ pepper is the only other type we know of that ripens to a striped look. The difference here is that the characteristic gets passed on via the seeds, while the Aloha pepper’s seeds do not.

Sugar Rush Stripey pepper podsSugar Rush Stripey pods that are ripe.

These peppers have a rich orange hue with vertical red streaks when completely mature. The pods are pale yellow or a light peachy hue before they mature.

Like other Sugar Rush types, the pods are approximately 4-5′′ (10-13cm) long and have a squiggly, fanciful look. The stripes may be extremely fine or quite thick, and they usually run the length of the skin.

Stripey Sugar Rush Flavor

The taste of these peppers is really excellent, if the beautiful stripes weren’t enough. If you’ve ever had a Sugar Rush Peach, you know what to expect: sweet, crunchy, and spicy.

These peppers have a taste that is nearly similar to the peach type, in my view. The thick, crisp walls of the pods make them ideal for pickling or eating fresh with cheese and crackers.

Stripey Scoville Sugar Rush (Heat)

The Stripey is no slouch when it comes to heat. Similar to many other hot C. baccatum species, these peppers deliver a punch.

On the Scoville scale, the Sugar Rush Stripey is most likely between 25,000 and 50,000 SHUs. This puts it on par with cayenne peppers in terms of heat.

The heat is contained mostly in the pepper’s placenta, the white membrane that contains the seeds. Simply remove this part before eating if you want to decrease the heat (and preserve the seeds while you’re at it).

This pepper, in my opinion, has just the right degree of heat. It’s not too hot to eat comfortably, but it’s also not too sweet.

Sugar Rush Striped Peppers in the Garden

Growing these peppers is identical to growing any other type of C. baccatum. The Stripey is no exception to the rule that plants of this species take longer to completely mature. About 6 months after sowing the seeds, we got our first ripe pepper!

The plants may also grow to be very tall, with our potted plant reaching a height of approximately 5 feet. I wouldn’t be shocked if the plants grew to be 6-8 feet tall in a single season if they were trimmed for height.

In zone 6a, our in-ground plant did not grow nearly as big, and we had to wait considerably longer to bring it into the ground.

You’ll basically cultivate this plant in the same manner you’d grow a jalapeño pepper. Just be prepared to wait as the peppers mature at a glacial pace!

Sugar rush stripey plant in potPepper plant Sugar Rush Stripey in a 7 gallon grow bag.

Stripey Sugar Rush Seeds

“Where can I buy seeds right now?” you’re undoubtedly wondering. offers some for sale (though they aren’t exactly cheap) at the time of writing this.

Sign up for our email list to be notified if we decide to sell any of our seeds in the future!

Because Fatalii is located in Finland, shipping charges may be applied to your purchase. A phytosanitary certificate is also needed for foreign seed orders if you are based in the United States. To learn more, contact Fatalii.

This new pepper type is a breath of fresh air. As if we needed another reason to enjoy pepper gardening. I hope you are able to get some of these amazing seeds and grow them yourself!

Sugar Rush Stripey peppersSugar Rush peppers are striped peppers with a sweet flavor.

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The sugar rush striped chilli is a plant that has been around for centuries. It has the ability to grow in many climates and it’s mild flavor makes it perfect for cooking.

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