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Bacon Soap – Getting Clean Never Smelled So Delicious

The smell of bacon wafts through the air stirring your hunger and getting your mouth watering. You can almost hear the sizzling bacon, or is that the sound of your shower? Outlaw Soaps has created the most delicious smelling soap we have run into, Bacon

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Sizzling Bacon Kitchen Dish Towel

We have said it many times before, but here we go again. Everything is better with bacon, even washing your dishes. From those crazy minds at ThinkGeek comes our latest favorite kitchen towel, the Sizzling Bacon Dish Towel. Instead of getting your hands greasy handling

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Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages

Since we all know that everything tastes better wrapped in bacon.┬áThese fun adhesive bandages will catch everyone’s attention. They are going to wonder if you lost your mind and slapped a strip of bacon on your arm or leg. Luckily, these strips of bacon are

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23K Gold Bacon

We always claim everything is better with bacon on it, but how do you make bacon better? Well, if you ask the Bacon Gourmets at the Baconery in New York they have a rich answer for you. You just sprinkle a little 23K gold dust



Do you believe everything is better with bacon? It is time to step up and become a real lover of bacon and create your own. The Baconkit gives you all the instructions, all the spices, and everything you need to make 5 pounds of bacon

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Bacon Condoms

Is it an early April Fool’s joke? Well, you could certainly use the Bacon Condoms as a joke on April first, but these are the real deal. The Bacon Condoms come from J&D’s Food. Yes, you heard that right, it is from a company that

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Bacon Flavoured Frosting

For those of you who put that sh*t on everything, consider this dark red bacon-flavoured frosting ($4.95). Now you can have your cake and eat it to, with the taste of bacon. Transform your sweet cake into a smoky delight with the bacon flavoured frosting.

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Bacon Maple Ale

For those of you who think outside the box and are willing to try something new, this one’s for you! There are many traditional flavor combinations that we tend to do without thinking twice such as peanut butter and jelly, fish-n-chips, etc. This is where