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Star Wars Duvet Covers

Our favorite and by far most fun bedding company, Snurk, is back with yet some more awesome duvet sets. This time around, Star Wars is the theme of choice. Designed exclusively for JCrew, the limited edition run by the company lets you choose rather you want

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Firefighter Bed Sheets

Snurk Bedding has fulfilled the dreams of thousands of young men ranging from 2 years old up to 90 years old. How did they pull off such a dramatic feat? They created the Firefighter Bed Sheets that let you look like you are dressed up

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Zombie Apocalypse Bedding

Blood splatters stain your pillowcases. Gruesome bloody hands reach, grope, and seek your warm flesh to rip you apart. Trails of dripping blood dot the sheets. Sleep well. Textile designer, Melissa Christie, takes our most sinister nightmares and puts them on our bedding. Instead of

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Lake Bedsheets

Disclaimer: The Lake Bed Sheets are so lifelike and incredible that they may cause unexpected runs to your restroom at night. Please use caution with these sheets. Unavoidable fun is present in every set. All disclaimers aside, these sheets are some of the most fascinating

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Glow In The Dark Rockets and Space Flannel Bedding

How many sets of sheets look better in the dark than in the light? The Glow in the Dark Rockets sheets from Garnet Hill will have you flipping off the lights even when you are not tired just to see the rockets and star come

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Astronaut Bedding

T-minus five, four, three, two, one, zzzzzzzz. How many of us men have dreamed of being an astronaut? How many of our boys continue with that dream to venture into space? It is time to put those dreams into overdrive with one of the coolest