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Folding Spoke-less Racing Bike Concept by Allen Chester G. Zhang

Bicycles designs usually take only small departures from the normal look and feel of a bike. Allen Chester G. Zhang threw away all pre-concepts and started anew. His invention is a bicycle that has no spokes, folds to a fraction of its full size, and

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Strida Foldable Bike

The Strida Foldable Bike continues to provide office workers and studio apartment dwellers with a way ride a bike and tuck it away in the corner. Strida hit the market in 1987 causing ripples of interest and from that moment forward their reputation for quality

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SandwichBike, A Wooden Bike In a Box

The bike looks a little odd. It is a single speed bike. It looks like something you could throw together by yourself. Why would you want this strange bike? You want it for exactly those reasons. It is unusual, special, different, and unique. More importantly,

metropolitan bike rizoma

Metropolitan Bike by Rizoma

Rizoma’s motto is “Refuse the Usual” and with the Metropolitan Bike they bust out of the form of usual. At first glance this bike looks very simple, but you need to look closer. It starts with one of the cleanest looks you will find on

Puch Mean Street by Britton Bees

Puch Mean Street by Britton Bees

Just look at that relic! Can you believe the style of that antique motorcycle?  Wait a minute, that is no antique that is a brand new creation from the Britton Bees called the Puch Mean Street. The Britton Bees are located in Asheville North Carolina