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Breaking Bad Theme MetroGnome Style

Breaking Bad was that oasis in your boring week. It was that vision of something new that kept you coming back week-after-week, but now its gone. Your lust for the show still rages, but nothing new is on the horizon, at least there wasn’t until

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Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

Are you already biting your nails nervously wondering how you will survive after the last episode of Breaking Bad airs? Relax, Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is already listed on Amazon for preorder, and we suggest you jump fast. The series comes bundled in a

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Breaking Bad Unofficial Lego Superlab Playset

Breaking Bad, the TV series, has entered its last season and all of us fans are already dreading the end. We are twiddling our thumbs, anxiously wondering what we will do with our extra time once the show goes off the air. Our friends at

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LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game Parody

For those of you Breaking Bad fans that happen to enjoy the simplicity and creativity of lego, this one’s for you. Animator┬áBrian Anderson┬ámerged these two forms of entertainment to produce an epic Youtube video that is sure to entertain. The parody is modeled after developer