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Bleeding Skull Candle

With Halloween quickly approaching, people have been running around looking for the perfect way to decorate their front lawn, house and office. The bleeding skull candle ($13 USD) may just be that perfect desktop ornament for your home office. At first, you’ll notice a normal

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The Devil’s Pet Kitten Candle

Obviously guys are not the best candidate to give a cute cuddly pink kitten candle to.  When this candle is not an ordinary candle but is the Devil’s own pet kitten everything changes.  This candle could definitely qualify as one of the most bizarre and

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Vizio Candle Ashtray

Designed by the Italian studio flussocreativo, the one part candle, other part ashtray is an interesting piece. This candle/ashtray is made out of a solid paraffin wax material that contains a wick that burns in a circular motion around the center of the tray. As