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pocket chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw

Guys, if you enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, or mountain biking, you have ran into times when you ran across logs, broken trees, and other wooden obstacles in your path. Don’t you wish there was an easy way to rip them apart? The Pocket

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STIHL Battery Powered Chain Saw

This is for a more eco-friendly Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Chainsaws used by many walks of people and professionals are known to be either gas-powered or with a cord, STIHL’s latest MSA 160 C-BQ Chain Saw ($350) delivers the power you would expect from STIHL

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Gold Plated Louis Vuitton Chainsaw?

Is the world coming to an end?  You might think so when you see this gold plated Louis Vuitton Chainsaw until you realize this is just another of the unbelievably clever sculptures from Peter Gronquist. Do you have a buddy who is always out on