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Christian Louboutin Louis Pik Pak Flat

For those of you who appreciate a unique looking pair of high-tops, you will definately appreciate the latest kicks from Christian Louboutin called the Louis Pik Pak Flat ($1,330 USD). Currently, fashion is all about spikes, notice them on jackets, t-shirts and even shoes. The Louis

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Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat Sneakers

I have always loved the look of a nice clean pair of high tops and this season all I want is a pair of Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat Sneakers. The latest from Louboutin’s collection this year is “Spacer” which is priced at $1,195. Similar to

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Killer Christian Louboutin Pik Pik Flat Sneakers

These new Christian Louboutin Pik Pik Flat sneakers are just awesome! these punkish, studded spiked monsters definitely turn heads. You can pick up a pair for a whopping $1995. Described by the brand, as the shoes that would kill, the Pik Pik from the 2011,