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PenMoto – Captures Your Pen

Are you ever frustrated trying to keep track of your ink pen or stylus while you use your PC at the same time?  You keep setting down the pen to type and then when you need to write something down you cannot spot it.  The

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LeDoor Handle

On those pitch black moonless nights do you ever have trouble locating a door handle before you can turn on the lights?  What if the power was out? The LEDoor Handle is another of the coolest gadgets which managed to win the 2011 Sparks Award. The

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Hand Free by Steer Safe

Our smartphones are a real blessing in giving us driving directions and at the same moment a huge curse.  While they can do an excellent job doubling as a GPS for driving instructions we must keep picking them up to check the map.  Hand Free

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Faucet iPhone 4 and iPad Stand

Imagine all the odd looks you will get from people as they walk past your desk seeing a faucet with a puddle of running water hovering in midair above your desk.  Then watch their eyes as you pull out your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone

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iPhone 4 Clock Dock Project

Necessity is always said to be the mother of invention, but this time is was more forgetfulness and annoyance which led to the creation of the C/Dock iPhone 4 Clock Dock.  The inventor, James Aloysius of Portland Orgeon, liked using his iPhone 4 for his

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Clap Alarm Clock – Not What You Expect

You may have seen an alarm clock in the past that would shut off if your clapped but what about a clock which completely disappeared? The Clap Alarm Clock for most of the day and night looks like a simple block of wood sitting on

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Leaf Wire Tie Cable Organizer

This is something that I love! For all of you people who have those bulky desktop computers at home or even at the office and want to be able to organize those tangled wires collecting dust, I recommend this cool gadget. The Leaf Tie not

chick a dee smoke detector

Chick-A-Dee Smoke Detector

Smoke alarms are atrocious. They look disgustingly ugly. The Chick-A-Dee Smoke Detector is a very intriguing design which gets rid of the ugly looking disc on your ceiling and replaces it with a cool looking bird. If you are a father the Chick-A-Dee smoke alarm could make you