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kobe bryant hublot king power black mamba chronograph

Kobe Bryant & Hublot King Power Black Mamba Chronograph

When Hublot got the opportunity to make a collaborative creation with Kobe Bryant they pulled out all the stops. They chose their toughest, most durable, timepiece to match Kobe’s tenacity. They used a dial that is created from several layers of perfection to match Kobe’s

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Koppel Automatic Chronograph

Look at the lines and color of the Koppel Automatic Chronograph.  How is it simplicity can be more elegant than than extreme design?  The Automatic Chronograph  is clean, untarnished, and simply magnificent. This Koppel watch is another of the great creations of Henning Koppel who has

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SpyNet Night Vision Mission Video Watch

Are you feeling a little like James Bond or Austin Powers?  The SpyNet Night Vision Mission Video Watch will quickly become your best weapon for espionage.  The camera boast the ability to record audio, video, and still pictures.  It can even see in the dark

Braun Chronograph Watch

Braun Chronograph Watch

Braun may be most famous for their razors, but with the high quality of the Braun Chronograph Watch this may be about to change. The watch uses a quartz chronograph movement to assure high accuracy, but this is not what makes the watch one of the best

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GSD-1 Watch by Greg Stevens Design

Greg Stevens has created a marvelous watch for men.  The GSD-1 has the durable, strong, and classic rugged look men enjoy.  The wrist strap is a brown industrial appearing leather band. The movement is a bit intriguing.  The watch uses a 6947 Swiss movement which requires

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Seiko Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Watch

Do you need a watch which is just as comfortable at 30,000 feet high in an airplane or 300 feet underwater?  Then the same watch can transition from extreme use to being comfortable for a night at a concert or fancy restaurant.  The Seiko Velatura

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The One Hertz 1912 – Gronefeld Watches

When Gronefeld Watches decides to make an exclusive watch they do it in style.  The One Hertz will only a run of 12 watches.  Yes, you read that correctly, only 12 of these timepieces will ever be made.  The watch is being made in this

Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watch

Romain Jerome is famous for creating cutting edge watches for men.  In one of his most recent creations he took a leap back in time to one of the favorite games of men, Space Invaders.  This watch is not a kids watch but a serious

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Romain Jerome DNA Moon Dust Watch 2011

Your watch has nothing on this. The latest timepiece of Romain Jerome for 2011 is the chronograph version of their Moon Dust DNA Black Moon and Steel Mood watches. This is by far the coolest most unique watches you can get your hands on. Like