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Darth Vader Toaster

If you enjoy villains, especially Star Wars villains, this Darth Vader toaster is going to be a must buy. The toaster is shaped like a Darth Vader helmet, but that is not the cool part. The toaster perfectly brands Darth Vader heads onto every slice

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Star Wars Pumpkin Push-Ins

Pumpkin season is here and the Dark Side of the Force is conspiring to turn Halloween and Thanksgiving into a time of evil conquest. The Star Wars Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-Ins could give you the easiest way ever conceived to decorate a pumpkin and have

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Most Detailed Star Wars Figures Ever Starts with Darth Vader

Slideshow Collectibles through down a gauntlet of challenge to the rest of the toy world. They have created the most detailed Star Wars figure to date. The 13.5″ tall Darth Vader is currently being completed and the detail is unbelievable. You get nine different hands

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Darth Vader USB Flash Drive

This past week we saw some awesome and extremely portable USB ┬ádrives, but for those of you who are Star Wars collector’s this latest Darth Vader USB Flash Drive ($27 USD), is a must have! Not only can you carry your photos, videos and documents