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ducati xdiavel

Ducati XDiavel

Our favorite motorcycle company has officially entered the cruiser world with the unveiling of their Ducati XDiavel. The bike is said to offer low speed excitement. The Italian manufacturer is known to never cut corners when it comes to performance, technical details and design. The

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Caterham Bikes, The Electric Revolution

We just featured the Caterham Brutus 750, the company’ s first venture into motorcycles and we warned you something even hotter was coming. Caterham Bikes is starting an electric motorbike revolution by changing electric bikes into something incredibly cool. The Caterham Classic E-Bike has the

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Caterham Motorcycles

Caterham Cars, famous for their roadsters and racing experience events, has just jumped into the motorcycle arena with an awesome looking motorcycle, the Brutus 750. This new motorcycle has been nicknamed the “SUV of Motorcycles”, and for good reason. The motorcycle has a rugged frame.

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XJR1300 Project by Deus and Yamaha

When Yamaha made the decision to have an XJR1300 redefined they turned to the Deus offices in Italy. They obviously made the perfect choice. Deus stripped the bike down to bare bolts and started reconstructing and customizing from the ground up. Their Yard Built production

R135 wraith combat by confederate motorcycles

R135 Wraith Combat from Confederate Motorcycles

When a R135 Wraith Combat hits the road in your area you are going to know it. The Wraith Combat is tough, futuristic, and just a little bit scary. It is hard to say whether this motorcycle looks like it stepped out of the Matrix,