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This Maybach Exelero Is Fit For A Zombie Apocalypse

Daimler may have decided it was time to shut down their elite Maybach line of cars, but Khaled Alkayed decided to turn his into something truly monstrous. The Maybach luxury cars always looked and performed like a dream, but Khaled’s reimagined Maybach is ready to

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Nightstalker Jeep Wrangler by Starwood Motors

How could Starwood Motors ever top their amazing Full Metal Jacket build? They create something more incredible, the Nightstalker Jeep Wrangler. The Nightstalker, as the name implies, comes complete with thermal night vision so you are really ready to stalk the night. Need some protection?

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Custom Zombie Apocalype Jeeps

Starwood Motors does not seem to understand the seriousness of the Zombie Apocalypse, or do they? Starwood Motors takes used Jeeps and other SUV”s and transforms them into custom zombie slaying machines, or into vehicles ready to conquer the world. When Starwood Motors finished transforming

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Ultimate SUV from Romania The Ghe-O Rescue Vehicle

Imagine taking features from race cars, tanks, speed boats, the world’s best SUV’s, and firetrucks, and the rolling them all into one vehicle. That is exactly what the tiny Romanian automotive manufacturer, Ghe-O, has done. They have created the ultimate lineup of rescue vehicles that

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2013 Hyundai Velostar Zombie Survival Car

What car would you choose to survive the Zombie invasion? I am sure your answer would not have been the economical and tiny Hyundai Velostar, but you may quickly change your mind once you see what the master craftsmen at Galpin Auto Sports managed to

Fluid MotorUnion Project X front

Fluid Motor Union Project X

Next time you are driving past an auto junkyard and see a smashed up luxury SUV, remember this story. The team at Fluid Motor Union landed upon a BMW X5 that had seen better days. The front end was smashed. The vehicle was a disaster.

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Zombie Apocalypse First Aid Kit

Grab your favorite machete or chainsaw, board up your doors and windows because it’s time to protect yourself and your loved ones because a zombie apocalypse is coming to a city near you! With the undead coming back to life it’s essential to pack your

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Gerber’s The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Kit

If you are anything like us, you watched last night’s episode of HBO’s The Walking Dead and noticed one of Gerber‘s handy pieces in action. If the world is ever overruled by zombies, would you be equipped with enough gear to protect your family and