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Revols Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones

We are proud of local Montrealers who have single-handedly revolutionized the way we wear earphones forever. No longer are those days that you put annoying earbuds that fall out of your ears when doing your favorite sports or hitting the gym. Revols Bluetooth earphones are

kangaroo pc

Kangaroo PC

Looking for a PC solution that is thin, lightweight and super practical? The Kangaroo is a Windows 10 desktop PC that’s the size of your phone and packs a pretty strong punch. It is powered by a 2.24GHz Intel Cherrytrail processor, it offers 2GB of RAM,

T-Mobile Upgrades Its Wifi CellSpot With 4G LTE

Not long ago, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere took to Twitter to announce some amazing news, a few days shy from its big Uncarrier X announcement. John let T-Mobile users know that it’s upgrading its wifi CellSpots to 4G LTE and will be available for free

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YotaPhone 2 – The Two Screen Smartphone

YotaPhone 2 may challenge your beliefs about how a smartphone should look and work. The phone features two different displays, one on each side. The first side is a traditional Android color screen. It is the second side that changes everything. YotaPhone 2 has an

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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Let The Rumors Fly

The silence out of Samsung is deafening. We know behind those R&D walls magic is being created and now the rumors are beginning to fly. The entire world knows the Samsung Galaxy S6 is racing towards the market to help Samsung regain their leadership role

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New iMac Astounds With 5K Retina Display

The all new iMac is a leap forward in every aspect, but one feature sets it apart from the world. The iMac’s 5K Retina display improves image quality dramatically, making it the best computer display on the market. It is not only other computer displays

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Is The Ad-Free Social Network Ello The Facebook Killer?

Facebook is the behemoth of social media services today, but complaints abound about the growing numbers of ads, privacy concerns, and their zero NSFW policy. Ello is a new player that  is emerging in the market that promise to be ad-free for life. Ello was growing