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105 Inch Curved OLED TV from LG

lg 105 inch curved uhdtv

Getting bigger screens is not always the answer to making a better television. The wider the screen, the less impressive the overall picture is from any given point in the room, since clarity declines as you move to the side. The new 105 Inch OLED Television from LG solves this problem by using a curved screen so viewing clarity remains consistent across the entire screen. The TV offers a full CinemaScope experience with with its 21:9 ratio and 5120x2160p output. Imagine the intensity of watching an BlueRay action movie in all the glory of the theater, or catching the Superbowl in super-size.

The 105 inch screen is crystal clear with 11 million pixels of viewing pleasure. The only things you need to worry about is finding enough room for the behemoth TV and the budget to blow on it.

Via Gear Culture and LG