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Beep Updates Your Speakers or Stereo to the Wireless Age


That great stereo sitting in the corner gathering dust can be reborn thanks to Beep. With the addition of Beep, you can update your existing powered speakers or stereo system with wireless capability to use with your wireless audio equipment, iPhone, Android phone, or other wireless players. You can use up to 5 Beeps at one time, with each Beep either seamlessly playing the same music, or playing different songs in different parts of your home. You control the entire system using either the iOS or Android app. Imagine pulling up Pandora on your Android phone or tablet, and then hearing the synchronized music playing smoothly through the entire house. You can walk room to room and never leave your music behind.

Volume for each set of speakers can be controlled through the app on your phone, or you can just walk up to the Beep and dial it up or down manually. Each Beep costs only $99.





Via Bless This Stuff and This is Beep