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Dish Network Tailgater

dish network tailgater

Dish Network has created a sports fan’s greatest dream. The ability to take Dish Network’s coverage of sports on the road. The Tailgater is an enclosed case with and easy carry handle that holds a Dish Network dish and antenna, and can even include the tuner. You carry the case with you to the park, parking lot, or other tailgating location. Hook up the TV, grab the remote, and start watching the pre-game show and keep tuned in throughout the game. So what if you missed out on getting those expensive tickets from the scalper. You have a front row seat to the game right there in the parking lot. You can even take the Dish Tailgater out camping or along to that boring relatives home. You never need to leave home without your TV again.

The Tailgater is priced at $350 for the antenna, or $499 complete with tuner.

Via Dish Network