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Emperor 200 Work Center by MWE Labs

emperor 200 work center mwe labs

Scotty, you can relinquish the helm, I’m taking over control. Ok, so the Emperor 200 Work Center may not be the helm of the Enterprise, but it is damn close. This work center is going to have you staring in amazement and doubling your productivity when you take the helm. The Emperor 200 starts off by giving you the most comfortable computer chair you have ever tried. Then you notice the easy reach to the keyboard and mouse. Everything is adjustable. You glance up and see the three monitors with all your data ready for your interpretation. You touch the controls and adjust the height and angle of the screens so you can see them perfectly. You lean back ready to get to work.

Uhura, open a channel to the internet, it is time to get some work done. This computer work center takes your computing experience to another dimension you have never imagined. You better make sure that work is profitable, though. the MWE Labs Emperor 200 retails for almost $50,000.

Via MWE Labs