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iPhone 5s

iphone 5s

Apple innovation is back on track with the new iPhone 5s. Packed under the hood of the new model is a 64-bit A7 chip that turns up the performance several notches, making your iPhone as powerful as most desktop computers. That was not good enough for the Apple engineers. They tossed in a motion processor to take over the chores of location, motion, gyroscope, and accelerometer processing to keep the primary process free to handle your app chores.

At first glance the 8 megapixel camera sounds under powered compared to offers from Sony and Samsung, but when you examine the additional features of a higher quality lens, true tone flash, and a 120 frame per second slow motion video capture system, the camera is a match for any competitor. Worried about security? The iPhone 5s combined with the newly released iOS 7, gives you a fingerprint scanner that is virtually infallible and reads your fingerprint instantly. This new pone is packed with new features, more performance, and higher quality than ever seen on a phone. Another big hit from Apple.

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