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Lumen LED App Enabled Light Bulb

lumen led app enabled smart bulb

How can a $65 light bulb be a bargain? First, the Lumen LED App Enable Light Bulb from Versifli gives you energy savings by using LED technology instead of more expensive incandescent or fluorescent lights, but that’s just the beginning. The light can be controlled by an app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device via Bluetooth. You can control the color of the light, choosing from up to 16 million colors. You can set the brightness level. You can control all of the lights within Bluetooth range simultaneously for setting the proper mood. Then add in the fact that LED lights last longer than other forms of lighting and you suddenly have a $65 bulb worth every penny.

If you just need simple white light, the Lumen LED App Enabled light is probably overkill, but when you want to decorate, set a mood, or even have special lighting for a show, it is one of the best bargains around.



Via Gear Culture and Amazon