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Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer

bounce wifi enhancer

Do you always seem to find that one spot in your home where the WiFi is weak? The Mohu Bounce WiFi Enhancer can solve your problem. It is not always an issue of lack of radio power. Sometimes the issue is on the radio pattern. You want the power focused in a certain direction through your home for the best reach, but traditional antennas allow the patter to flow in a basic round shape.

The Mohu Bounce enhances the radio signal direction and spread plus provides a wider reception surface for the return signal. What is most impressive is it does all of this without any major effort on your part.

You simply slide the bounce over your existing antenna and point it in the direction of your weak area. That is it, you are finished.

The best news might be how inexpensive this solution is. It costs less than $20 and is something you can install by yourself. The only drawback is it will not work on wireless access points and routers with hidden internal antennas. If you are battling weak spots in your WiFi coverage you may want to give this antenna enhancer a shot.

Via Mohu.