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Multimedia Remote with Keyboard and Mouse by Lenovo

multimedia remote lenovo

Do you use your computer as an entertainment center? You have it hooked up to a big screen TV in your home so you can watch shows on Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube, and from Apple TV, but how do you control all of it? Do you saunter over to the computer to change videos? The Lenovo Multimedia Remote gives you a complete mini-keyboard and trackball to control your computer from a distance. You just plug in the USB dongle and get ready for some remote typing and clicking. Of course you could do this with a full-sized keyboard and mouse, but that destroys the entire feeling of sitting in your recliner using the one-handed remote while your chill-out.

The Lenovo Remote is available on Amazon for $54.95. The remote allows you to take complete control your computer from over 30 feet away. A perfect way to enjoy all of that online content while kicking back to relax.

Via Amazon