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Nanoplug Hearing Aid With Instant Charging Battery, Super Low Cost And Smaller Than A Coffee Bean


Almost every one of us can name a friend or family member who struggles with hearing loss. Many times they do not have hearing aids due to cost, they don’t like the way they look, or thinks they are too much hassle. Nanoplug is a new style of hearing aid using new technology to drive down the size of hearing aids, make them cheaper, and eliminate many of the hassles. The Nanoplug is so tiny it fits inside your ear canal leaving nothing exposed. It uses new technology batteries and charging systems that last for us to 6 days of use, but more remarkably can be recharged so fast that it take less time than replacing batteries in current hearing aids.

How cheap are these new wave hearing aids? You can get a single hearing aid for just $250 or a pair for $400 through Nanoplug’s IndieGoGo funding project. How does that compare to other hearing aids on the market? A normal pair of hearing aids exceeds $2000, is visible in your ear, and requires battery replacement every few days. Nanoplug is changing the game.






Via Nanoplug on IndieGoGo