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Quirky & GE Aros Air Conditioner


Summer is coming fast, along with those massive electric bills for running your air conditioner. The newest announcement from the Quirky-GE partnership should be good news for anyone in the market for a window A/C. Quirky combines a powerful GE air conditioner with the smarts of the Aros control systems. You get an A/C unit that reports back to a phone-based app which tracks expenditures, fuel usage, and controls the thermostat to keep your cooling bill under budget.

Imagine programming your budget into the air conditioner and it adjusts usage patterns to keep your costs down. This is the most ambitious project from Quirky and GE to date and hopefully is promise of things to come. This is the type of the technology the world needs to get better control of electric usage, and our own budgets. You can pre-order a Quirky Aros from Amazon for $300.



Via Quirky and Amazon