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Switch LED Light Bulbs

switch led light bulbs

Would you consider paying over $50 for a light bulb? You jaw just dropped open? Close your mouth and listen why you really want these cool bulbs. The LED Light Bulbs by switch are simple replacements for your incandescent bulbs, but with a few big differences. The light bulbs are expensive, but they last 25 times longer that a traditional bulb. The price difference is quickly disappearing. These bulbs use a tiny fraction of the electricity due to the efficiency of LED. Switch estimates the average home user hits their return on investment point at 6 months just due to electricity savings. Since an average bulb lasts 6 months to a year, you now have 12 to 25 years of additional time you get savings. Suddenly that expensive light bulb looks like the cheapest one on the market.

That is all cool, but what if the light sucks? That is the other area Switch has remedied. Their LED lights mimic incandescent lighting almost perfectly. You can blend 2700K and 4000K bulbs for lighting that is superior.

Via Gear Hungry and Switch