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Le Reservoir de Montsouris

le reservoir de montsouris

Hidden beneath the streets in southern Paris is a beautiful site that escapes the view of most tourists and enriches the lives of a large part of the population of Paris. Le Reservoir de Montsouris is the massive underground water storage facility that was built in 1874. How many water storage facilities can you think of that have lasted for almost 140 years and is expected to last for decades more? How many water storage areas can you name that are beautiful, tranquil, and impressive?

The Le Reservoir de Montouris looks like a beautiful cathedral with arched stone walkways in every direction. To add to the beauty of the stonework, you will find varying depths of beautiful blue water flowing through the tunnels. This site is only open to tourists on carefully guided tours since it is an active and important water storage unit for the city. This amazing location provides water to 20% of the humanity in Paris.

One other startling feature of the water is the trout you might spy swimming in the water. The trout were originally introduced to show the waters purity and clarity, but today only a few are kept to maintain the historical connection. The water is commonly considered the best tasting water in Paris.

le reservoir de montsouris

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