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Montasero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa

monastero santa rosa hotel spa italy

Close your eyes and picture the most tranquil, magnificent, beautiful location for a hotel and spa. What you just envisioned is the reality you find at Montasero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa. This getaway is hidden along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Imagine how tranquil a converted monastery could be then pour in loads of luxury, comfort, and the a dramatic cliff-side setting. The hotel is not another huge hotel. This is an exclusive hotel with only 20 rooms and suites. You will be the center of attention to the staff. Inside the facility you will discover amazing rooms, libraries, game rooms, and beauty. Outside you can explore the incredible pool overlooking the cliff, the hidden gardens, and stare in awe at the water below. In the off-season you can get a superior room for under $500 per night or go all out and reserve the unbelievable premium terrace suite for around $2200 per night.

Montasero Santa Rosa could make the perfect honeymoon getaway, or an elegant way to rekindle your romance. Can you picture the feeling of getting a massage side by side, eating a gourmet Mediterranean meal, and then relaxing in this intriguing location?

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