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Hilarious: Pig Beach in the Bahamas, Where Pigs and Humans Swim Together


You are probably already asking the same question that popped into our mind. Why would anyone want to swim with pigs? Once glance through these intriguing photographs will answer the question for you. You do it because the surroundings are incredible. You jump in the water with the pigs because it is a unique experience. It is so unique that stars like Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, and David Copperfield have all come to Bahamas for the experience. These are not dirty smelly pigs, but instead are wild pigs that were abandoned on the islands in some long ago forgotten time. The pigs join tourists on the beach and joyfully swim in the water alongside the guests in their domain.

The swimming pigs are located at the most southern beach on Big Major Cay Island in the Bahamas, aptly titled Pig Beach. Tours to the beach are available from most popular resorts.









Via The Islands of the Bahamas