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Stratosphere Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas

stratosphere hotel las vegas

The Stratosphere Hotel, Casino, and Tower are one of those Las Vegas venues you do not want to bypass. The hotel is first class throughout. The casino is top of the line, but the real fun begins when you head into the Stratosphere Tower. This massive tower looms large in the Vegas sky and the fun it holds will blow you away.

The fun starts with screams, cursing, and nervous laughter as you watch people take a leap of faith from the 108th floor of the tower. The SkyJump is one of the most dramatic thrill rides you will find anywhere in the world. You are leaping from a platform into the open Las Vegas skyline plummeting towards the ground with only a safety harness and rope to protect you.

This is not the end of the fun in the Stratosphere Tower. The Tower also host the Insanity Ride, X-Scream, and Big Shot which will give you additional sources for your adrenalin rush. The Tower is home to a variety of more calm attractions, also. They include the observation deck, 3 restaurants, nightlife activities, and the most dangerous of all, the Stratosphere Tower Wedding Chapel.

If you are looking for a change of pace on you next visit to Las Vegas check out the Stratosphere Hotel and Tower. You might just find yourself screaming in free-fall.

You can find further information and book reservations at The Stratosphere Hotel.