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Torch Doha Hotel in Qatar

torch hotel qatar

Towering above Doha, Qatar stands an incredible Torch reaching towards the stars. You can see lights twinkling on the side of the torch from the distance. As you get closer you can see this is not a sculpture celebrating sports, but it is the amazing Torch Doha Hotel filled with guests, workers, fun, and adventure.

The Torch Hotel is a flowing piece of architecture created to look like an Olympic Torch to celebrate the spirit of champions and the love of sports felt in Qatar. The hotel is filled with luxury at every curve. At the top of the hotel structure is a fantastic landing that hides a beautiful swimming pool to delight your senses. The swimming pool is over 80 meters above ground level letting you enjoy a relaxing swim while looking out of the beautiful 360 degree panorama.

The Torch Hotel hosts an annual Torch Stair run bringing world class athletes and local athletes to the hotel to sprint up their 1304 stairs. Can you imagine running to the top of this towering hotel in under 8 minutes? Don’t worry, the Hotel is packed with elevators, luxury lobbies, shops, restaurants, exercise areas, and pools. You will never need to break a sweat unless you want to.

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