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W House by Barclay & Crousse in Canete Peru

w houses canete peru

The Architects at Barclay & Crousse have created an intriguing new homes in Canete Peru.  The homes are highlighted with bold concrete structures, bright colors, and amazing deck edge pools overhanging the sands leading down to the beach.  The large outdoor decks include a long concrete sitting area which includes inlaid wood seats.

The homes are designed to allow the owners to see the beach from every available vantage point.  The homes are outfitted with large panes of glass throughout the structure giving them a very open feeling.   The design uses a variety of rectangular shapes which are combined to make a visually pleasing design without wasted space.

The design team was led by Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crouss, themselves.  The construction team was led by Edward Barclay.  If  you want to learn more about this home it was recently featured on ArchDaily or you can view a video on Vimeo showing further details of the home.