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8 Million Stories Captured In a Moment in NYC Subways

8 million stories

Each day over 8 million people travel the subways of New York City to reach their destinations. Photographer Adam Magyar captured the essence of that journey in a few short moments of filming the subway using super slow motion. We see the vacant stares as people attempt to avoid eye contact. We see the bored, bland, and almost lifeless faces of most travelers as they endure another journey of drudgery. In this short video, Adam has managed to capture the feel, emotion, and sights that millions of commuters in New York face daily, but ignore. We become blind to the sights and people around us as the drudgery of the commute overwhelms our senses.

Adam Magyar helps people who have never experienced the subways to get a tiny feel of real life, while regular commuters are reminded of all they are missing on their daily journey.

Via Elite Daily and Adam Magyar